#OnRepeat: I am a missing planet

I am a missing planet
You know me from my orbit
From my effect on others
the way I make them spin off centre
moving in marvelous ways
Unseen treasure crossing your sky
Think on where I am not
then you will know where I’ll be
Expect me when you see me
I’m waiting to be discovered

Did Labour really lose for this reason?

Remember when 4 million new voters registered? When 2 in 3 of those registrations were under the age of 35? Remember when the polls predicted a hung parliament (or maybe only a very small Tory majority)? Even the private Tory poll had the gap at just 4pts. And the queues of young people at polling […]

Did Labour really lose for this reason?

How I became a socialist and why I will always love Jeremy Corbyn.

I remember sitting in an A level Chemistry class in 2015 following election night. I should have been writing up an experiment we had done in the previous lesson but instead I kept sneakily looking at my phone to see the latest constituency results coming in. It was during this lesson that most ordinary and […]

How I became a socialist and why I will always love Jeremy Corbyn.