Same time next year

So yet again we engage in the yearly rituals of the season. Visit mum and dad or go to a lecture or a gathering. Is it halal or haram to say merry Christmas or seasons greetings. The community reminds me of the film characters from this year and the year before last who forget half their lives every time they went to sleep. For my own part I had intended that this year I would be out of the country traveling but things didn’t work out that way. I visited far in November instead of April and that was the last of my plans that didn’t work out.


I started a blog and then let it either on the vine. My business sputtered and konked out. The right girl did not come along. Etc etc etc. So for me since Muharram I’ve persevered to start over again properly and try to make a go of things. May the new year whether it started in Muharram or will start next week bring you better than you had in this past year.

(God willing I’ll get the first draft of my novel finished by end of March.)

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