Happy there’s a new year coming..


If this past year was a man in a cafe I had a beef with I would walk in while he was busy eating his breakfast (distracted from eating and trying to check news headlines on his phone) and sit across him from him in a booth. I would smile and ask him if he could pass the salt. When he reached across with the salt cellar in hand, without letting my smile slip I’d fork stab him in the arm with one hand and slam his head into the table with the other. Seriously this year needs to end. I’ve hated it like a sickness.

I really need this new year to go better for me insha’Allah (IA). I can’t deal. I just can’t deal.

Spent my afternoon setting up my details as an Amazon Kindle author. Plan to put up for the first chapter for free to see how the system works –  IA that will happen sooner rather than later.

Yeah, I’m Happy there’s a New Year coming tomorrow. God willing it brings a change for the better and I hope it brings you good as well!


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