Blogging 101, Blogging 201, and Writing 201 start soon; ready to register?

Who’s joining me for Blogging 201? Come on now it’s fun and free!

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Note: Blogging 101 and Blogging 201 are the same courses previously offered by Blogging U. Feel free to take them again, but be aware that we will cover the same topics.

Blogging U. courses are a great way to work toward your blogging goals in a supportive community. This February, we’re offering three:

  • Blogging 101: Zero to Hero (February 2 – 27): four weeks of bite-size blogging assignments to help you publish posts, customize your blog, and engage with the community.
  • Blogging 201: Branding and Growth (February 2 – 13): a two-week challenge to help you define your brand, build your audience, use your stats to grow your traffic, and bring your older posts fresh attention.
  • Writing 201: Poetry (February 16 – 27): our first poetry-focused course! Another two-week course, we’ll offer daily doses of inspiration and explore poetic devices and forms.

I enjoyed this so much, and made a bunch of new cyber-friends! Thank you for putting this together, and…

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Excerpt #3: Visiting the monster

And there squats on a river next to a swamp a bloated ugly creature. It was once beautiful but time has punished it for its corruption of eating the flesh of the young and the innocent and the desperate traveler. It’s size has deformed and disfigured it and it is now unrecognisable from its former stoic beauty.  It has grown many arms and reaches out across the land grasping unceasingly to feed itself tearing flesh from bone, root from land and child from mother. It’s body is dirty and rotting save from those parts it locks clean to satisfy a memory of a dignity it once had.


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The Why of Writing…


Love is never mundane

“I love the fact that you have protected a part of your day for love. Love is never mundane.”

After reading  Impromptu Promptling’s post Breakfast of Champions I spent some time reflecting on the relationship between intimacy, shared time and loneliness.

Love is not mundane, can never be mundane. By it’s nature it negates the mundane. It brightens where darkness had fallen, warms what was once cold and colours the grayest day.


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Todays new word is Spornosexual. (Sporty p*rny sexual) And it describes current male must-have physiques perfectly

Blame it on fight club.

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The voice in your head which says “Can’t so Don’t” is a lying *******

Dear reader. 500. Five hundred. Five-oh-oh.

Do you know the voice in your head which says “Can’t so Don’t” is a lying ******”? Do you have a goal? An idea you’re trying to make a reality? A project you want to complete? Once I get going the words just come without effort but they never reach the screen because often I just don’t start. There’s a voice inside that sneers sarcastically any time I try to get something done.

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Smiley what now? (Blogging 101: Say Your Name)

My previous blog was called days gone bye and in hindsight was started at the beginning of a real”down” phase in my life. I took to writing instinctively as a way to find meaning but I didnt keep going for a number of reasons. Firstly “being down” robs you of energy and direction so starting things is all well and good but you  end up surrounded by unfinished jobs, half eaten meals, broken promises. Its a downward spiral.


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The Why? (Blogging 101: Introduce Yourself)

For many years now I have dipped in and out of writing. Knowing all the while it’s my preferred way of life and what I would like to do a for a living I have just got by, just paid the bills.

You come to a point in life where you just can’t go on doing the same thing because it works. You have to try and fail, even if failure seems inevitable. So I’ve decide to blog and write with a view to making it a full time way of life some time in the future.


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Excerpt #2: “The house in the middle of the street”

It was no accident that he had chosen this house. It was a modern home in an old building. It was cool in summer and warm in winter. The walls were thick and the floors were sturdy. In a time of quick builds and optimised space they literally didn’t make them like this anymore. He’d bought several in cash with stolen CIA seed money when he’d first dropped under the radar and laid a paper trail back to his old boss to cover the theft. If any auditors went looking for the missing loot the investigation would wind up at his door and the murdering douchebag would end up in Alaska or Arizona chasing sovereign citizens.


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Addicting Info – This Open Letter From A US Soldier Exposes The Ugly Truth Of The ‘War On Terror’

“When I signed up for the military, I was hoping to make a better world. Instead I helped make it more dangerous.

Your job should be to end war, not perpetuate it. Never forget that.” Rory Fanning


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