When the most important muscle in your body gives way…

I’m sure everyone has had the experience where for what ever reason their leg has given way beneath them. Either through an unfortunate misstep, or perhaps pushing too hard in the gym and your muscles realise your limits before your mind. Sometimes from pure fatigue where you’ve been walking or standing too long and your body calls it quits and before your realise it the ground comes up to meet you.

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New Year Tragedy

Shanghai New Year deaths – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-30646918 (May Allah grant their families patience).

It would seem that tragically the London authorities have been vindicated  in their decision to sell tickets to the New Year fireworks yesterday. By controlling the number of people watching the fireworks in a constricted space they have preserved the safety of everyone attending.

I was one of those people rolling my eyes when I initially heard about the ticketing arrangements but I have to admit they were right about this one.

Personally unless you have somewhere warm for me to go to immediately afterwards you wouldn’t see me out there for love or money,