When you’re down

When you’re down:
It feels like it’s a toss up on who gives up on you first – your friends, your family or you yourself. Of course you feel vindicated if your friends or family give up on you first.
You don’t have the energy to go out and have a good time even though that’s what you need to help you forget how blue you feel.


You can’t finish anything you start, which makes you feel even lower.
You end up in a reinforcing loop of negativity.
Every smallest set back feels like being diagnosed with cancer or being told your mums just had a heart attack after running over your cat while crashing your new car!
You feel completely isolated when you need you company the most.
Anyone who tells you look on the bright side has never woken up disappointed they didn’t die in their sleep.

Shapes of every size Move behind my eyes.
Doors inside my head Bolted from within.
Every drop of flame The Light’s a candle in Memory, of the one who lived inside my skin.