Tangent: Starting to get started…

It would seem beginning to blog is helping me to start writing my novel (as I had hoped it would).

1st things first I’ve started laying out my opening scene in Scrivener. (Link for anyone who doesn’t know about Scrivener.)

I’ve had movie style daydreams my entire life and always had a view that I should write them down and develop them properly. (I even graduated with a film production degree from University of Westminster I’ve never used).


My first step in this writing process is to get my daydreams down in words and start building around them. I’ve got an outline of the story and an idea about the main character, his motivations and where he wants to end up.

Sure enough when you start on something you’ve put off doing for a while you can always find something more important yo need to get done but I’m gonna push through and get this small task done and dusted. The 1st step. The first brick. In fact “The stone which the builders rejected”

I’ll finish off this short post with a link to a Cracked post that got me really thinking about who I am and what I do.

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