What Say You?

Hi readers,

Thanks for following, liking and commenting. You guys are the wind beneath my wings and you’re helping me get better as a a writer and blogger every day.

With that in mind I need to ask you something. Like a suit or a pair of jeans on a body a blog’s theme and style needs to fit it’s subject and it’s writer. I’m thinking of making some changes to the blog but I’ve got kind of comfortable with this look which has come about over a period of months. Some features by design, some by accident, some by experiment,

So please let me know if you like the way the blog has been laid out. Do you like the colour? Do you like the feel and style? Is there anything I should get rid of or something you looked for and found was missing.


Let me know and I’ll take into account. I’m either going with a completely different theme or I will tinker with this one.

Thanks, Smiley 🙂