#OnRepeat – Making Days Longer AKA Bless the Telephone

This is my new occasional feature #OnRepeat.

I’ll often find myself listening to a a particular track over and over again “on repeat” because of the feelings in brings up in me, So I was thinking why not put some of these feelings into words So first off – this:

Our song came on. Well when I say our song I mean the song I had in my head whenever we spoke on the phone. We used to speak every night, This is the song that reminded me of you late last year and sent me in a tailspin because it reminded you stopped calling and I didn’t know why. I used to skip over it when I listened to that album. Today it came on and it was just a song. It has lyrics about how the voice of a loved one can change your day.


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3 Ways to Make Your Site More Visually Appealing

I’m going to put these tips into action immediately!

WordPress.com News

You guys use WordPress.com in all sorts of creative ways, documenting the adventures you take…

…the people you meet…

…the characters you create…

…the meals you prepare…

…and the places you live.

And you share a ton of amazing photographs. So be sure to show them off! Here are three tips on using photos to make your site more visually appealing:

  • Upload your very own custom header image to give your site a unique look and feel. Some themes even allow you to use featured images to display different header images on specific posts and pages. For a design that’s 100% unique to you, try out the Custom Design upgrade.
  • Don’t make readers squint to view your photos. Generally speaking, bigger photos are better, as long as they’re properly aligned. Check out the Get Flashy tutorial on Learn.WordPress.com for tips on aligning and resizing your images.
  • If the majority…

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