#OnRepeat – Making Days Longer AKA Bless the Telephone

This is my new occasional feature #OnRepeat.

I’ll often find myself listening to a a particular track over and over again “on repeat” because of the feelings in brings up in me, So I was thinking why not put some of these feelings into words So first off – this:

Our song came on. Well when I say our song I mean the song I had in my head whenever we spoke on the phone. We used to speak every night, This is the song that reminded me of you late last year and sent me in a tailspin because it reminded you stopped calling and I didn’t know why. I used to skip over it when I listened to that album. Today it came on and it was just a song. It has lyrics about how the voice of a loved one can change your day.


I was so in love you. To misquote the great Terry Pratchett everyone is someones dog and when you whistled I came running. One day you stopped whistling and I sat there pining and howling like Grayfriars Bobby. That’s not you anymore and that’s OK. It means I’m better now. The clouds have parted. It’s OK now. It’s OK. I’m over you. I’m not sure if I’m out of that depression phase but I know I’m better. You broke my heart. You can’t do that again because you’ve stopped mattering. In fact now I think about it, its not OUR song anymore. Its all mine.This used to be the sound of my hurt but the sting has passed and thi is just a song. That sudden moment of clarity is the best thing to happen to me in some time.

It’s nice to hear you say hello
And how are things with you?
I love you

But very soon it’s time to go
An office job to do
And I’m here writing songs for you

It’s nice to hear your voice again
I’ve waited all day long
I even wrote a song for you

It’s strange the way you make me feel
With just a word or two
I’d like to do the same for you

It’s strange how a phone call can change your day
Take you away
Away from the feeling of being alone
That’s the telephone

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