Blogging 201: My week of tweak

So I’ve spent most of this week on Blogging 201 checking changing and tweaking my site and making layout decisions.

Getting read all over
I took a look at a number of different themes and I got some feedback from fellow bloggers and a some readers at work. I reconfirmed that my make sure your site is mobile-friendly, and familiarized myself with the responsive features. I’ve decided to stick with it for now but later on I will pay the extra for custom colours so I can stand out a bit more.

Make the Most of Your Archives
Following on from the advice of my fellow 201’ers I’ve spent some time fixing up my old posts to meet my new fresh layout style. Then I sorted my widgets and moved my categories cloud, follow buttons and of course my archive links so that they’re now towards the top. Then I spent the best part of a night after work re-categorising all my posts in a more a relevant way as a foundation for the future

Give ‘Em What They Want
My stats haven’t been going on long enough to make much sense but I know that my more personal and longer posts are more popular. I’ve put my posts into mostly three series, two explicitly. There’s Excerpts which are selections from my novel in progress in order to test what kind of response I’m getting to my writing; there’s my new occasional series where I give an in depth personal essay on the music I cant stop listening to and why; and “Feels” where I open up abut my thoughts and feelings. I’m going to aim to keep my posts within these three categories from hereon. And less reblogging…

Liebster Award
I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award and I’ve put up my questions and answers and awards on their own page. Yay!

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