Writing 201: Poetry – Flow, like water. Drown the unfortunate.

Flow, like water. Drown the unfortunate.

Writing 201: Water “Today, let’s write a poem about water. And/or a haiku. And/or use a simile.”

(Parental Advisory: Violent Imagery)

He throws the first strike
I let my weight flow sideways
As good as a mile

His power and mass
his advantage, confident
Kill before. Again?

His victim a friend
Pretext, citizens arrest
Boldly, call him out

He expects ease, fun.
Enjoying maiming, blood, pain
Like water I flow

Swings left, right. Again.
Punching a rushing river
A crowd grows mocking

And now he’s ready
Winded, shaking, now regrets
This will not end well

I smile and he sees
Yes, moment of clarity
Panic, robs power

Last, weak tired swing
I flow, but now the tide turns
Double strike to arm

One hand controls wrist
And then elbow, chop; temple
Rising toe strike groin

He crumples, stumbles
I pass to the side knee rib
Stamp on ankle, snap

I wash over him
And he’s drowninng in my flow
Sleeper hold, he sinks

The crowd shocked, frozen
I the glacier recede
Moraine, left behind



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