Writing 201: Journey – I killed the wrong men in Tikrit

Today’s word prompt is journey. Write a poem about anything that word evokes for you, from the excitement of a trip you’re about to embark on, the mental progress you witnessed someone make, or the struggles, pleasures, and extreme emotions that travel can bring about. Today’s form: Limericks (Personally keeping to characters from my novel)

I killed the wrong men in Tikrit
and decided to go on a trip
I ran and I fled
I slashed and I bled
If my old employers find me I’m dead

In East London under a low profile
Lonely as a red headed stepchild
I fashioned a name
avoided the blame
for a crime that could kill me with shame

I shot them when I heard shoot
Their guilt, a point it was moot
I’m done with a war
that flouted the law
I swear on their grave no more

I’m the first to admit I’m no Hector
My soul for sure on a vector
Hell or high water
I’ll do what I oughta
Redeem my hands from my slaughter

12 thoughts on “Writing 201: Journey – I killed the wrong men in Tikrit

  1. I was just reading this when a bright star appeared. I clicked it, and there was your image. Thank you for liking my post. I like yours, too. I like the third, fourth and fifth lines of each stanza. One thing though – when i saw profile, the word defile popped up in my head. Could that have worked?

    Is that suggestion out of order?

    Liked by 1 person

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