Beards: Applause for You, Stigmatisation for Me

I’m living this…

Media Diversified

by Taimour Fazlani

The male beard, what can I say about the male beard? The traditional epitome of male masculinity, and the outwardly bearings of your ‘man’s man’. The bearded man is the kind of man synonymous with hypermasculinity, ideals of strength and dominance.A recent study in Evolution and Human Behavior found women now tend to prefer bearded men. The study also found women perceive full-bearded men as ‘better and more protective fathers’.

As a bearded man I should surely be rejoicing at this new found appreciation and celebration of the beard. Sadly this is not the case, for I am not white. Compliments revolving around the ‘edginess’ of my style do not await me. Such compliments tend to be directed towards straight, white men likeJon Hamm, Ricki Hall or the many ‘Beard Appreciation Pages’ on Twitter andInstagramfull of white faces.


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