What Does a 40 Year-Old Man Wish He’d Known at 25? –

“Try and get used to rejection and failure as soon as you can and up until you don’t care any more, so you become a person that isn’t afraid of it. And of course, try and learn from your mistakes or (even better) other people’s. Be observant.

The sooner you do that, the better life will be for you. You’ll be able to get to old age with little regrets.”



12 thoughts on “What Does a 40 Year-Old Man Wish He’d Known at 25? –

  1. I like the thought of getting to the place where rejection and failure no longer matter, however that doesn’t sound like reality. Instead, I would rather have the courage to admit I feel the sting while letting it go. To feel the sting doesn’t mean I have to act on it or respond in any way, it simply means I have the ability to let it go knowing it has nothing to do with who I am. What do you think?

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    • My place is a point within where I let all that does not matter truly slide. I feel the pain, but it doesn’t draw out my strengths anymore. There is a growing, glowing core of me that never diminishes under pressure. I know longer need to find myself because I know where I am. I’m right here. I’m Smiley.

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