Writing 101 Day 6: Allow me to introduce “Muse”

For the sake of preserving her blushes I will call my muse, “Muse” for that is her status

How is it possible to be so sharp-eyed and yet have such a soft gaze.

I heard a comedian say once that what a woman wants to hear from her husband is her own thoughts in a mans voice.

When Muse speaks, its like my soul is talking to me in a woman’s voice. Muse tells me things about myself and I’ll listen and I’ll reflect and what she says just seems to be so obviously true I’ll wonder how I could ever have thought otherwise.

Muse’s incredibly intelligent but modest in her wisdom. Feminine and comfortable in her skin. Intent on her goals and her ambitions, but not removed from companionship and the sharing of advice. I’ve yet to speak to her without being the better for it.

Muse’s beauty is of the time of Hardy and Austen, updated to our time Upright, proper, no vapid gaze or primness, no reliance on man or men. Muse’s smile is warm and comfortable. No fairy tale shrinking heart she’s bold and forthright and knows herself first and other second.

Most of all its comfortable and rewarding to be Muse’s friend and benefit from it without the distraction of romance. She has chosen her man and she’s is happy with him and he would be a fool indeed not to be happy with her.

She listened to my writing ideas and she encouraged me to keep going and explore my thoughts and boundaries. She listened to my thoughts on this and that and we agreed and laughed about the same things.

She noticed things about the way I talked, presented myself  and thought of myself that I was blind to and each new aspect she brought to my attention was something I could change or improve to become a better man.

She is not an accessory, not an affectation of my life. She is her own persson, complete, talented, driven and  heading on her direction in her own time.

She’s gone for now. I am a missing planet and she, my Muse, was a moon on an intersecting course. We orbited and my inward and outward shifted under the pull of her gravity before she spun away on her own orbit. I hope her path crosses min again. I already miss her beautiful mind. 

But in the time I knew her I have become happier, stronger, better. I stand unbowed, speak unfettered, pursue my dreams unashamedly and walk unafraid.

No-one can have anything more laudable said of their friendship than that they made someone,




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