Writing 101 Day 7 and 8: Night and Day

Night and Day met at dusk and exchanged their daily pleasantries

“I’m as warm as I’ve ever felt” said Night, in a husky voice. “I’m warm and cool and dry and moist, none sleep save those whom you exhausted.”

“I burned everyone foolish or unfortunate to step out under my power” Day rumbled, proud and full of himself.

“My light baked their land, their crops and their minds”

“Your cruelty and kindness are already known to all” said Night “Stop boasting!”

There was a pause in the conversation between the two ancient lovers. Time was short

“Tell me of your love for me. Hurry before we are separated again until morning”

He let out a familiar, wearied sigh. Every night, without fail. Night was deep, mysterious, ephemeral, occasionally scary, often fractious. But in this was she was constant. Night was for lovers and she needed Day to express his love for her.  Night without love could be unbearable.

“Your coolness is the remedy for my heat and a relief from my intensity.”

Night settled. The birds of day silenced and the creatures of the night began to sing in response to Night’s unspoken pleasure. She loved to be complimented. Too many people slept though her ignored her, didn’t appreciate her

“Your darkness is a safe haven for the embrace of the illicit lover and the cautious plotter. Those who dare not show their face to me are at ease with your cool luxuriant touch. In your passionate embrace babies are conceived, works of art are completed, virgins surrender their gifts and the powerful are ambushed and toppled.”

As Nights buxom swelled the warm summer winds swept around the cities quickening the pulses of the young and the heart and comforting the aches and pains of the tired and the old

“And what of you my love” cooed Night in a sweet perfumed voice

“You are literally the light shone into the crevices of the world. Those conceived in my arms play in your warmth. The flowers open for you, beasts wake for you, and man uses you to complete his ambitions,”

Day relaxed and laid his head down. His time was almost over and his lover would be alone again till dawn.

“Sing me to sleep my love”

Night opened her full lips and sang. Every nightingale, every cricket, every leaf rustling in the night winds in harmony as the twilight left the world and Day left Night to her entertainment.

Night fell and many who upright during day became drunken on her charms and were laid low. By the time Day returned they would be ashamed to show their faces.



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