“This weekend I have mostly been meditating and practicing standing up straight”

Further Reading: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F@#&.

Like many a bored and smart gut who saw the film “Limitless” I’ve researched nootropics on the internet. I was taking Optineuro (Amazon, no controversy) for some time to help clear my beclouded head. I am now taking the oldest and safest nootropic Piracetam (imported from US reputable supplier, again no controversy) and the effects are cumulative, mild and effective. I would say I can’t remember the last time I felt this good but that would be a lie as now I can. 🙂

Thought #2
So. So, anyway  – standing up straight. Have you ever stood in your natural stance and then looked at your reflection in a shop window? I wonder if I’ve always stooped? When I stand up straight as sighted in the window it feels like I’m leaning over backwards.

Thought #3
I feel stronger, happier, more like me every day. I just need to make time to write that novel…

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