#OnRepeat: The Meme Machine

And the wrong / right lyrics for 2015 would be:

The meme machine
the price of fame
the fools are wise and the mad are sane
It’s just the hollywood system by another name

Look at my smile, suit and shoes
Im here to distract you from the falsity of the mainstream news

Cats, LOLs and how to lose fat will fill your mind
distracting you from the caostrophe thats creeping up behind

lets not talk about how the world is going to shit
why bother – Kim Kardashaian’s wearing a new dress and showing off her tits

I can’t decide whether or not to vaccinate its so hard to choose
the doctors have the education but Megyn Kelly disagrees you can trust her shes on the news

They say that my job is about to go and its for the sake of the nation
But I’m no fool I know they’re lying the nation cant stand if the people are suffering starvation

Russia is the enemy, Russia is a friend will this to-ing and fro-ing never end
Infamy, infamy they all got it for me i just realised that pain in my arse is the fence

Migrants if you’re brown and your boats been wrecked
Though you might be called ex-pats if you’re white but both are technically correct

Alcohol and nicotine are drugs that cause cancer and you can buy them in packs
Marijuana can relieve cancer but the NYPD will cap you and any bystanders cause it ain’t taxed

Porn, loans, get rich schemes
TV, radio, stardom dreams
babes in bikinis taking baaaaaaths

The things we’ll do to make you laugh and distract your ass
and keep you confused – you’ve been had

The meme machine
the price of fame
the fools are wise and the mad are sane
It’s just the Hollywood system by another name

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