#OnRepeat: By the way…

Meanwhile back at the Batcave…

Since I’ve last written I’ve been mostly trying to get my head straight.

It’s been a tough couple of weeks and I’ve now reached out for help on that score. Watch this space for more on that. Save to say I have now accepted the fact that I am big “D” Depressed not llittle “d” depressed and I can’t figure it out on my own.

On the writing front I’ve now decided to use Roz Morris’s novel writing process to help me get  me pass my writing block. I went through a dozen or so possibilities but Roz impressed me the most with her readability and structured approach.

Nail Your Novel – Why Writers Abandon Books and How You Can Draft, Fix and Finish With Confidence

Using her approach I am now scoping out my ideas and working on my synopsis in a orderly fashion rather than bouncing in and out – though rather than keep all my ideas in a hat I’m using Evernote – same principle

I’ve spent way too much time procrastinating on twitter and Facebook but I like to think its better than not writing at all.




13 thoughts on “#OnRepeat: By the way…

  1. Hey glad to see you back. If you need to I think you should speak to the blogging world. Someone is always going to listen even when you feel like they won’t :).

    It is good to see you are using tools for writing. Zane is also a great one if you want to check her out. Also Evernote is good. I save all my novels on there!

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  2. Hey, your absence was noted! Good to see you back, and glad you have reached out for help.

    I’ll be interested to hear how you go with that novel writing approach if you post further on the topic.

    I am currently working on my second draft through a writing school called The Writers’ Studio who are based in Sydney, but I’m doing it online- their approach is great- with a big focus on structure- nailing the turning points, steps, sequences etc before going into a lot of depth with writing of scenes. It feels slow, but definitely worth it.

    I am yet to use any software, but am trying to decide between InDesign or Scrivener (the former I can use for $0 as my partner is subscribes to the Adobe cloud- pretty compelling reason to use it, but the latter is recommended by my writing school). Is evernote specifically for novel writing or just a place to archive thoughts?

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  3. Hey, I love Red Hot Chilli Peppers, awesome, get off the chair kinda music! We have many ups and downs in life, good for you to be talking about it. I am a very good listener. More sunlight and bananas for potassium, are great to make you feel better. Thanks for the info on Evernote, quite a few people have been recommending it of late, I need some reorganisation! Will check out Roz Morris. Cheers.

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