#OnRepeat: Have Mercy

Dream interpretation anybody?

I was driving with friends, (none of whom I recognise), from Dover – for some reason we had crossed the channel but I couldn’t remember how. There was a hump in the road and then a bright headlight and I stopped the car because I was blinded and when I could see again I was parked halfway up the stairs on the pedestrian footbridge at Harlow station – and all but one of my friends are gone. We get out of the car and apologise to the security guards who look bored and then roll the car down the bridge and out of the ticket hall. I’m really freaked out. The friend sits down and he’s now wearing motorbike gear. I asked where the others are and why he’s got a motorbike and he says we discussed this already…

He says calm down have something to eat and hands me a huge mango. I peel it but its empty. I look at him and he’s also got a mango which he’s opened and which is also empty, however he’s bitten into seemingly empty space and there’s now juice running down his chin and then I really start freaking out.

And then I woke up. Anyone hazard a guess?

7 thoughts on “#OnRepeat: Have Mercy

  1. I love interpreting dreams, although I must admit, I just make stuff up!

    First part of the dream to me suggests a fear of being powerless in the ride that is life. Perhaps a hint to trust a little more and go with the flow?

    Second part: a fear that you are missing out- having nothing while others have the juicier, tastier slice. Maybe a reminder that it is all about perspective and appreciation of what you have.

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  2. Wow that’s a really strange dream! To me it means that you’ve got a case of wanderlust. Maybe unconsciously you’re yearning to be somewhere new where you can really taste life.

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