#OnRepeat: I am a missing planet

I am a missing planet
You know me from my orbit
From my effect on others
the way I make them spin off centre
moving in marvelous ways
Unseen treasure crossing your sky
Think on where I am not
then you will know where I’ll be
Expect me when you see me
I’m waiting to be discovered

Every day with a “Why?” in it! (Freewriting)

Sunday afternoon -The dark tea time of the soul (h/t Douglas Adams) Let the random ruminations begin!

Hugo stared at the wall daring it to be anything but what it was. Unyielding, unchanging, uninteresting. It did not alter or shift. Neither did the Djinn rune written in an ink no pure human could read.


There was no option but to do this the Djinn way. He felt his body undulate and lose weight. It felt like falling asleep but not nearly as comforting.  Anyone lucky or unlucky enough to have been watching him at that moment would have seen him appear to fade into near nothingness, a ghost image. That ghost then appeared to walk through the wall. 

The manner of why this can be is quite tedious to explain.

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Why Give Away Your Work for Free? — Writing Prompts — Medium

Why give away your work for free?

What do acclaimed authors Cory Doctorow, Paulo Coelho, Neil Gaiman, Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss and Hugh Howey all have in common?

They give away their best work — for free.


Your Attitude Controls Your Dating Success – Paging Dr. NerdLove

Nice piece by Dr Nerdlove. Applicable lessons in positive mental attitude that work in all areas of life – not just dating!

Your Attitude Controls Your Dating Success – Paging Dr. NerdLove.

The “I” is Silent (free -writing) pt1

Sing a song of suspense, a muffled cry of “Why?”
Four and twenty half truths, wrapped up in a lie

The feeling of relief when  a weight you never knew you had is lifted off your shoulders is something to experience.  Do a quick serach for magnesium and depression on the net and you will find that its a go to remedy for the more common forms of depression. Combined with SAm-e and yo have a have a pretty good regimin for coping with the blues.

Fasting has been difficult this year. Not just because of the long hours but also because of my ongoing depression. Mood swings are a kell of a thing to deal with even at the best of times. I lost a day of fasting this year when I woke up to (ironically) sleep deprivation, exhaution, and an anxiety attack. To be honest I needed the rest and I now have time off so I can sleep during the day.

I’ve actually switched to putting down scenes and ideas on postcards after proudly boasting about using Evernote – it just feels more tactile to have you ideas pysically in front of you.

I’ve been offered a possibillity to do some Copywriting for a friend which I’ve accepted. If it comes thru it will be my first paid writing gig.

Things are looking up

OnRepeat: How Repetition Enchants the Brain and the Psychology of Why We Love It in Music | Brain Pickings


“Music takes place in time, but repetition beguilingly makes it knowable in the way of something outside of time.”