Every day with a “Why?” in it! (Freewriting)

Sunday afternoon -The dark tea time of the soul (h/t Douglas Adams) Let the random ruminations begin!

Hugo stared at the wall daring it to be anything but what it was. Unyielding, unchanging, uninteresting. It did not alter or shift. Neither did the Djinn rune written in an ink no pure human could read.


There was no option but to do this the Djinn way. He felt his body undulate and lose weight. It felt like falling asleep but not nearly as comforting.  Anyone lucky or unlucky enough to have been watching him at that moment would have seen him appear to fade into near nothingness, a ghost image. That ghost then appeared to walk through the wall. 

The manner of why this can be is quite tedious to explain.

Imagine you’re seven and back in school in your least liked lesson – Maths. The teacher  has a drawn a number line on the board – zero in the middle, one on the right and minus one on the left. The negative side is one realm and the positive realm is another. If a Djinn or a human was a number value they would be 1x or 1y . They exist in one realm at a time. The hybrid is 1x+(n)y. (Where n is a fraction) Fully human with an extra dash of Djinn in their cocktail. Crucially this allows them to slide along the number line. Fully human and a little bit djinn or fully djinn with a human hangover.  Hugo had slid from one end of the line to the next and the ghostly shadow left behind was the remnant of his humanity. His anchor to what we would call our reality

What appears to us as a wall was in fact one of many entrances to the Grand Library of the Djinn and he had passed inside.

“My God. “, he muttered to himself as he entered into a four dimensional ante-chamber, ” It’s full of devils” 

  • Question everything and that what which is immutable is the truth. Cartesian Philosophy one-o-one. Subtle and seductive for the seeker looking for certainty but the human reality is thatthere si nothing in this world that we cannot question because everything we see through the minds eye is a refraction through the prism of the I leading to Descartes’ pit of despair and his iconic get out of existential jail card Cogito Ergo Sum – I think therefore I am. I wonder if the core of belief in God is that Theists posit their reality not in I but in huwa (Arabic – he) therefore reality has a solid hook to be hung on – the immutable, the eternal, the perfect, the free of fault.

Sing a song of suspense, a muffled cry of “Why?”
Four and twenty half truths, wrapped up in a lie
When the puzzlebox opens, the sirens harmoniously sing
The greatest sin there ever was  – to treat a human soul as a mere thing

(h/t Terry Pratchett)

  • Back in the gym on Friday gone – still aching on Sunday, but its the good kind of ache. The ache of activity past rather than inactivity present. The days after eid are like New Year  – as good a time as any to make resolutions and start again
  • There isn’t much in this life a human can’t cope with as long as he has support and hope.
  • Research on OTC supplements for depression continues – in other news I get to see a NHS (Free) therapist to help me through so that’s got to be something to smile about.
  • Maybe it’s a just the full stomach, moistened veins and warm July sun  talking but I’m in a positive mood today. Hey check out the Seal of Solomon ring I found on Etsy


10 thoughts on “Every day with a “Why?” in it! (Freewriting)

  1. Hey, well done on finishing that rhyme! 🙂 A djinn and tonic is a sure way to a human hangover…I don’t claim to know much about philosophy, but “I think therefore I am” is Descartes. There’s a lot in this post I like, particularly ‘…everything we see through the minds eye is a refraction through the prism of the I’

    Re: NHS- perhaps the treatment begins with it being a freebie- obviously got you smiling! 🙂

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