Depression: How You Label Determines How You Feel | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

This post was not planned. But… I have lost two close friends from both high school and college to suicide, and Heath Ledger’s unexpected death, which shows all the signs of suicide, saddened me on a profound level. It just shouldn’t happen.

Source: Depression: How You Label Determines How You Feel | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

Grey-t Britain

The first thing that shocks tourists and visiting family more than anything about Great Britain is the greyness.

When it’s overcast, (and it is more often not), the air is sucked out of the nations lungs. Later they get bummed out by the bleakness of our cities, our surly shop staff and the fact that most of what they’ve seen about London on TV is a lie and really most of our capital city is a concrete and brick slave plantation with paper chains and fields of Sainsburys and Tescos and chain shops.

But it’s the greyness. The enveloping colourless miasma that we breath and swim in. We are born in colour and live in grey and die in the dark.


The muscles atrophy when they are not used and pumped. So it is for the spirit and the sense of the self. It’s so easy to disappear within oneself like a deep sea creature in a rocky crevice.

How to exercise the spirit? With muscles it’s what ever makes them sore. With the spirit – what ever makes your heart soar, amen.