Writing 101: How’s the novel going?

One of the goals of Writing 101 is to tap into new and unexpected places for post ideas. Today, let’s look to Twitter for inspiration. Don’t worry — you don’t need a Twitter account to participate in this prompt. Below, you’ll see five tweets: each tweet is interesting in its own way, and we hope one will elicit a response from you. Today, write a response to one of these tweets. Shape your post in any way you choose — agree or disagree with the tweet, or use it as a starting point for a story, personal essay, poem, or something else.


I read somewhere that you should in your mind already be what you intend to be. Something along the line of “there is no try”. People often ask me about my writing and I point them towards this blog and tell them the novel is in development. Truth be told it could be written in a month if I was of the right mindset. I took a week off work last year and sincerely intended to pit in the work and get it done but the was nothing in that week except Box sets and boxes of biscuits.

There was nothing stopping me now, that lost week, or 20 years ago for that matter. I simply didn’t believe enough.

If I had one lesson for anyone – writers, artists, entrepreneurs amybody at all it would be that you can’t get there on your own.

You need to have encouragement.You need to have support. You  need to have guidance.

I wanted to be a writer since I was child and I knocked out a couple of award winning stories in my school days. There is only one reason why I didn’t and it was I never believed it would work. Writing couldn’t pay the bills. There’s a reason why they’re called “Struggling Writers”. Stereotypes often (not always) have a grain of truth in them. From the youngest age I was taught these stereotypes. Writers get screwed, robbed, defrauded, cheated. They’re weak and mocked and lonely.

0.01% billionaires, 0.1% millionaires 98.99% working in Walmart and Aldi and Starbucks (Chuckle)

Truth be told, it’s writing events like this one that get me going. Like the spark that starts the idle car or taking a run up before jumping the chasm I need events like this to get me writing.

So before I forget. I’d just like to say Thank you.