Writing 101: “The Flat White is made with Kenyan!”

No matter what type of blog you have, it’s sometimes necessary to post updates: from project news to personal messages about what’s going on in your life. One creative approach to an update post is a “virtual coffee date,” as seen on Kate Goes Global, which is like catching up with an old friend over a cup of coffee.

In her post, Kate begins each paragraph with If we were having coffee right now… and then adds a detail. You can share any details you’d like and include as many as you want, as long as you begin each with If we were having coffee right now… (or a variation of this phrase, as seen on Girl with the Red Hair).

It’s a simple idea, but offers a bit more structure to your post — and is a lot more fun. So today, write an update post in the form of a virtual coffee date.

If we were having coffee right now: I’d thank you for turning up. I know I’ve been a bit of a flake recently and i appreciate you sticking by me. I’d apologise for  all the times I didn’t turn up or left early or made an excuse. I’d tell you I’ve finally gotten over myself and got the help I need, I’m been suffering from depression for a long time but I’ve finally nutted up and told my doctor. She’s put me in touch with specialists and I’ve started Cognitive Behavourial Therapy. I’d also tell you I’ve done a ton of research on the internet and I’ve got a regime of supplements that are working for me. With the therapy and the supplements and the therapy I feel there’s a good chance I won’t need SSRI Antidepressants which are infamous for destroying the people who take them.

If we were having coffee right now: I’d ask you how things have been going for you now. I don’t have that many people I really know rather just know casually. My biggest weakness is my oversized heart and even though I don’t show it I care about how you are. It matters to me that you’re OK and that things are going well for you

If we were having coffee right now: I’d tell you Amazon just sent me a laptop to review. Seriously a laptop. I’ve had books to keep and review, the odd pair of headphones but this is something new. Thank you most beneficent, most merciful, the Expander, the Opener, the Enricher. I now have something portable to blog on to replace my ageing, creaking Dell desktop which probably won’t survive much longer.

If we were having coffee right now: I’d tell you how I’m trying hard to make writing the centre or my worldy life. How I know I need to be dedicated but it’s easy to get lost in the everyday and how I get why it’s so important to stay on target.

If we were having coffee right now: I’d ask you if saw Ant-Man. I loved that movie

If we were having coffee right now: I’D SAY “I TOLD YOU SO!” This coffee shop in Turnham Green is awesome and who doesn’t love pinball machines!

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7 thoughts on “Writing 101: “The Flat White is made with Kenyan!”

  1. Hi Smiley! So glad to find your blog. By reading this post, it seems like you’re a really good friend. I like your writing from the first words “I’d thank you for turning up” until the last word in this post. Surprisingly I nodded along all points that you’ve made, except the last two (I haven’t watched Ant Men and never visited Turnham Green). On that note, would you mind to do a small collaboration on the first point? Let’s talk about depression, what is it that make you depressed? I will write on my blog too (have been trying to do so but don’t have the courage). And then let’s find other bloggers or hubs or prompts related to journey of personal transition, from things they need to overcome (it doesn’t have to be depression) to what they want to become (for example you want to make writing centre of your life). Interested? Pretty please, looking forward to hear from you. Thank you.

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