Writing 101: Feelings. Lots of feelings

Do you ever peek at the comments you’ve left on other blogs? You might find ideas for future posts. Perhaps you left a response on a writer’s post but could have said even more, or wrote the beginnings of a larger discussion.

To read the comments you’ve made, visit your My Comments page, which you can access in the sidebar of your Reader. Look for a comment you can expand on — one that can evolve into a new post, where you can continue the discussion or address a related idea or topic. Practice seamless linking (read point #2 in particular) and refer and link to the comment somewhere in your post:

The other day, I read a post on King of States! describing the internet as a space made of real people. I told the blog’s author, Michelle Weber, how much I enjoyed her take.

For related information, read about expanding comments into posts.

If browsing these comments leaves you empty-handed, revisit the recent comments that readers have left on your blog, and select one that you can respond to.

Feelings. Lots of feelings. Your Fearless writing is powerful!

(My comment on: Life101: Things I’ve Learned)

There were dozens of extraordinary responses to this task and I spent the best part of a week checking through all the responses backwards and forwards over and over. They all affected me some made me laugh, some made me cry, some made me step outside and get some air. Cliches not withstanding – it was emotional.

Afterthoughts after reading this:

  • Tenacity and stamina are the key to all happiness and success I’ve ever experienced. Not knowing when to stop the path to all miser and disappointment.
  • Trust is the precursor to the love. Once you lose my trust you lose me.
  • I wish I could say don’t give up on people but some people are not worth the time

I could go on but I want to be brief. While reading this gem of writing and the other pieces from my fellow bloggers on Writing 101 I was struck but the similarity between our experiences.

Often when researching depression or talking to carers and those who we might call “professional listeners” I’ve been struck by something they often say. “I hear that so often”

The best thing about online communities is the sharing of experiences, techniques and stories. Learning not only how to achieve your dreams and ambitions but also hearing first hand from your fellow writers we are all experiencing the world in the same way.

Some people revel in solitude and feeling separate from the world. The lonely intellectual suffering the fools who surround him. Personally I like to think of us as stars in the night sky. Each one with its solar system of issues orbiting it.

I think that perhaps that’s the only way to comprehend how we can all be so many, so unique and yet have so much in common.

I don’t know maybe I’m just being emotional. I’m going to go get a coffee and re-adjust my game-face,

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