Passing as human

@TechnicallyRon on depression, reality, and pretending to be normal.

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5 thoughts on “Passing as human

  1. You doing ok? Haven’t seen much posting from you in a while. I think of you now and again – wondering how your battle with depression is going? I hope you are winning more than you are losing, and I hope you are writing somewhere – if not here. The world needs your voice.


    • Since I was last posting I went through a series of Depressive Episodes before I found a regimen of therapy, meditation and supplements that helped. I’ve managed to go a couple of months without SERIOUS suicidal thoughts – actually considering the means etc. I have the odd few death wish thoughts but the’re relatively mild. In other news I attended a discovery day for new authors held at Foyles, Charing Cross Road where Literary Agents Curtis Brown did a meet, greet and read for authors. The line was through the door and there were timed slots all through the day. I gave them the first three pages of my novel and they loved it. I need to try and get it finished this year and then submit it. They’ve given me a name to submit to so I’m now very motivated to think, act and plan as a writer rather than as a wannabe. I’m going to post my first thousand words for my novel “The End of the Garden” tonight or tomorrow. How are things with you?


      • I’m so happy for you – the world needs your words. I tend to think the best writers are the ones who struggle with demons in our heads. Sometimes I hate the curse I’ve been blessed with – you know? I pray you will find a long term solution to depression. I don’t think it ever goes away completely – I always feel like I’m one step from the monstrous black pit. But, that makes me fight all the harder for bright days. Now if I could just shake the monster of anxiety. One day at a time. Anyway, glad you are back – hopefully for a nice long happy stretch. 🙂


  2. Keep fighting! I was delighted to see your latest post in my inbox. I think your vulnerability is something the world needs more of. I bet more people can relate to you than you realize. I’ve found the more I’ve shared my struggles the more people share they have been suffering in silence. Blessings to you, my friend.

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