The reasons why this Salawat; Allahumma ya Wahhab, salli ala Muhammadin Fatihil abwaab. Works so effectively and yield fast results! I have described this Salawats attributes as that which opens what is closed, as it’s known to Open the Close Doors of life’s Opportunities. 1st it’s a Salawat. 2nd saying the Ism Ya Wahhaab 5000 times open Rizq. 3rd Allahumma is asking through the most Comprehensive manner of pleading and then applying Ya Wahhaab the Secret ism of Rizq. 4th Muhammadin Fatihil abwaab. There is no other that Opens expect by Sayyiduna Rasulallah sallallahu alayhi wasallim so asking by that is the other half of the Secret. 5th this Salawat is known to Open the Close Doors of life’s Opportunities. For there is no other door by but Sayyiduna Rasulallah sallallahu alayhi wasallim who is the Warith Distributor of Allah the actual Door of Doors! Finally Rizq is a very Comprehensive Word that encompasses Money, Marriage, Job, Children, Education, Spiritual Knowledge, thus covers is Nourishment of mind body and Soul. Make the appropriate Niyyah for which element of whole part of Rizq you want to increase. – Muslim Forum – Powered by vBulletin Daily Reflection: Rizq Rizq (provisions) means everything a person makes use of, for example, the money he earns, the clothes he wears, the roof over his head, whether it is lawful or unlawful. The subject is of paramount importance since it involves that area of activity in which most of us spend the greatest time and energy. May be the reason you are doing your particular degree at university is to get a job and make as much money as possible. If a man is asked what is the source of his rizq he will probably reply from my job. However it is not possible to say that a man is anonymous with his rizq. What a man earns may also contain his wifes and his children’s rizq. Working is not the cause of rizq, for example you can work hard all day in your business and make no money, on the other hand you could be sitting at home and inherit a million pounds or receive a gift from a friend. Allah Tala says: “Who is the one who is going to give you rizq if Allah with holds it from you” (Sura Mulk)

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