“The death of independent scientific advice” Richard Horton is editor of The Lancet, one of the most respected medical science journals known. He says the medical and scientific establishment are being political, not independent during this pandemic. Yesterday, confirming Horton’s view, Sir Patrick Vallance, the chief scientist the Government is most relying on for their waning credibility, said that measuring the success of the battle against COVID 19 by reporting ONLY hospital deaths is the international standard used by all other countries. Has anyone told France and Germany that? Vallance also said that we wouldn’t necessarily have had less deaths if we’d locked down earlier – a claim that seems to be unsupported by the current evidence from around the world. AND he said ‘herd immunity’ was NEVER the UK strategy… so take that on the chin. Clearly the well repeated phrase “we are relying on the science” does not refer to combatting the disease. It refers to the scientists being the scapegoat for government incompetence.

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