Yo More Slideway?

“With all the pieces of my heart” call me Smiley for that is my name.

This blog is all about me attempting to speak the words I’ve locked away inside myself with my true voice.

So please do show your appreciation for the new author on the block or at the very least show empathy for a fellow slouching soul.

Check out my writing and let me know what you think and if you like what you see please share and tell your friends.

Smiley Yearwood
– idea considerer
– incorrigible dreamer
– late bloomer
– daydream believer
– last knight
– missing planet
– your next favourite author


28 thoughts on “Yo More Slideway?

  1. Smiley, I hope you get this message. I have looked everywhere on your blog to follow you. I have not been able to find a follow button anywhere. I suggest you go into your dashboard and add a follow button to the top and also one on the sidebar. It should be under “Widgets” and widges is under “Appearance” and I think the appearance icon is the paintbrush. People need a way to follow you.

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  2. G’day Smiley,
    Just returned from a net free month in the country, and noticed you have been gracing my site with your presence as well as noting a follow, for which I thank you , you have an interesting site here , one I plan t return too as soon as I catch up on what else I have missed on W/P 🙂

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  3. Great Blog 🙂 My liking spree would have probably delivered that msg to you already 😛 Loved the humor and loved the posts. Good stuff !! Thanks for stopping by – wouldn’t have found my way back here if you wouldn’t 🙂 Happy Blogging ! Looking forward to more from here !

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