UPDATED: Supplements I know WORK for “the blues” (Amazon Links)

Decided to share some experience I’ve had with over the counter remedies for depression. All the supplemts listed below work from my personal experience. I’ve used them singly and in combination and I recommend them in combination for best effect.

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Old School Monopoly Has Nothing On Writing Your First Book! | The Literacy Site Blog

My name is Smiley Yearwood and I approve this message


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3rd March. I’m telling the truth when I lie about my age

“I forgot myself. It’s all coming back to me”

With the help of my life coach, Yusef Noden, (Thanks!), I am now above the x axis on my my depression curve. I think I’m OK. More than that I’m good. 90% certain. I’m living with a long forgotten passion and enjoying what I do.

“I’ve managed to pull my bally old kite out of a burning death spiral and I’m now flying 30 feet off the ground white knuckle gripping the stick, breathing hard and gathering my thoughts”

“I’m telling the truth when I lie about my age”
So today I am 30.
If you ask me I’m 30.
If it its on the web I’m 30
If it’s my inner voice I’m 30

The reality is ridiculous. I don’t believe it when I look in the mirror and no-one believes me when I tell them so the consensus agrees: my real age is a lie and 30 sounds about right so there you go.

Happy Birthday to me

Quick thought for Sunday


The New (And Impossible) Standards of Male Beauty – Paging Dr. NerdLove

Following on from my previous shared article on the Spornosexual aesthetic, noted relationship writer Dr Nerdlove takes it to the next level!


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