First 1000 words of “The End of the Garden”

Since I was last posting I went through a series of Depressive Episodes before I found a regimen of therapy, meditation and supplements that helped. I’ve managed to go a couple of months without SERIOUS suicidal thoughts – actually considering the means etc. I have the odd few death wish thoughts but the’re relatively mild.

In other news I attended a discovery day for new authors held at Foyles, Charing Cross Road where Literary Agents Curtis Brown did a meet, greet and read for authors. The line was through the door and there were timed slots all through the day. I gave them the first three pages of my novel and they loved it. I need to try and get it finished this year and then submit it. They’ve given me a name to submit to so I’m now very motivated to think, act and plan as a writer rather than as a wannabe.

So pleased to present the beginning  of “The End of the Garden” by Yusuf (Smiley) Yearwood. (1st novel on backburner, 2nd novel cooking nicely) Continue reading

NYC MIdnight – The departure Lounge

Yeah – I’ve been quiet again, but this time it was a good kind of quiet – busy writing.

I’ve been involved with the NaNoMoWri event working on my novel and I have also been contibuting the NYC Midmight screenplay competion.

Below you can see my submission “The Departure Lounge” – let me know what you think!

Luggage and clothes are strewn across the floor and ARTY is lying on the bed fully clothed in a suit, (but shoeless), face down and awake staring at the clock radio on the bedside table. The digital clock face flips from 02.59 to 03.00.
He groans and gets up. He pauses for a moment on the edge of the bed head hanging down and takes a deep mournful breath. An determined expression resolves across his face. Hands on knees he gets up with a grunt and walks across the room to the minibar As he opens the minibar door

*Laughter* (Out of shot)
Arty looks up with a start and turns towards the door. The drumming footsteps of a child can be heard in the hotel corridor.
With a curious look on his face ARTY walks towards the hotel room door and opens it.
The corridor is empty.

He looks back and forth, sees no-one and moves to close the door.

*Laughter* Hurry it’s time(Distant O.S)
Arty turns sharply and sees a shadow move across the wall at the end of the corridor. He steps into the corridor to try and get a better view and his room door suddenly shuts behind him.
He panics and pushes against the door but its firmly closed. He pats his pockets in his trousers and suit. His face falls and his shoulders slumps as he realises he has nothing in his pockets at all. Dejectedly he turns and heads down the corridor.
As he turns the corridor he sees two children in nightdresses standing by the lift with a huge yellow box kite. The nightdresses are archaic, Victorian lace. They are identical girls approximately seven or eight years old. The box kite is taller than they are. One girl is holding the kite and the other is weighed down with a huge coil of string that she has draped over her shoulder like a bandolier. Both Twins have are pretty with large loosely curled hair-dos. One down, one up in a bun revealing her pointed ELVISH ears. As ARTY approaches she quickly looses her hair ties allowing her hair to fall and cover her ears.
The down button on the lift has been pressed.
Arty and THE TWINS stand looking at each other. Awkwardly Arty puts his hands in his pockets and rocks back and forth on his heels and toes as they stand staring at each other.

Nice night to fly a kite.

TWIN with kite
When else would you try?

(Hesitantly) During the day (tails off…)

TWIN with coil
It’s not open then.

The park?

TWIN with kite(to Twin with Coil)
Arty looks confused. After a moments thought his brow furrows in concern.

It’s three in the morning. Do your parents know where you are?

TWINS (in chorus)
Yes, that’s the problem

The Twins look at each other, grin mischievously and walk into the elevator. After a moments pause Arty walks in after them.

The hotel lobby is empty save for one bored young EMPLOYEE at the desk reading a textbook. Arty steps out and starts walking without looking behind him.

You know I think it would be best if we call your parents

Arty looks behind himself and realises the doors are closing and the Twins are still inside. He looks up and sees the lift indicates they have gone to the basement. He runs back and hits the lift call button. He shouts back to the Employee

(Shouts) Hey

(Looks up, Shouts back)Sir?

(Shouts)My names Arty English. Im in room 3712. Can you call the parents of the Twin girls on 37 and tell them they’re in the basement

Arty runs into the lift and the doors close. The Employee hurriedly taps on his console trying to locate the Twins. He pauses, frowns and looks up.

There aren’t any children on the 37th floor?
The lift doors open to an amazing sight.
The basement is full of Elves of all ages and sizes. The basement is full. The TWINS are standing on top of a truck hood holding onto the coiled string they were holding earlier. It coils beneath them om the floor and reaches up above them. The kite is nowhere to be seen
Arty looks up and sees the that the roof of the basement above the twins is a shimmering mirrored pool on the ceiling and the rope leads up into it.

(Shouts)OH MY GOD

All the elves look around in shock. The twins scream out in chorus

The elves swarm towards the Twins and the truck. Most perform amazing leaps straight into the pool in the ceiling. Some climb the rope while the Twins hold onto the bottom. Arty watches dumb struck in amazement. After only a minute or so dozens of Elves have disappeared into the pool on the ceiling. The Twins look at Arty, grin and then yank hard on the rope twice. They both hold on and wrap their legs as if to climb and the rope lifts them into the pool. The long rope which is coiled on the floor is quickly being pulled upwards.
Awestruck Arty walks to the truck and looks up into the pool. The pool is clear and the view is as if looking upwards to the surface from the bottom of a swimming pool.
Arty doesnt notice he’s standing in the coiled rope. With a sudden violent rush the rest of the rope is drawn up snagging Arty’s legs pulling his feet out from under him and dragging him screaming and upside down into the ceiling-pool.

Tuesday Haiku

Tepid Winter Sky
It might rain later, might not
Need a holiday

Writing 201: I hate you Woodford Green

Day 7: Neighborhood, Ballad, Assonance

What do you think about when you think about your neighborhood?

Curse this place and curse those who frequent
Curse my face my eyes betray my intent
This town sucks the life out of being alive
Waiting on luck till then beer will have to do just fine

I hate this town

Years fly by, moments are overbearing
I fear nothing I do here is worth sharing
It’s like living in the Walking Dead
Hell is full, they moved here instead
The worse place to be a bored black British teen
I hate you Woodford Green

Nowhere to go while they the fix the Central Line
No fear, no fun i’m bored clean out of my mind
The drugs don’t work, we’re merely wasting time
Dreaming we were high and flying away

I hate this town

Years fly by, moments are overbearing
I fear nothing I do here is worth sharing
It’s like living in the Walking Dead
Hell is full, they moved here instead
The worse place to be a bored black British teen
I hate you Woodford Green

I hate this town

Years fly by, moments are overbearing
I fear nothing I do here is worth sharing
It’s like living in the Walking Dead
Hell is full, they moved here instead
The worse place to be a bored black British teen
I hate you Woodford Green

Writing 201: The Road to to St Martin’s Bay

Day 5: Map, Ode, Metaphor

Maps tell stories — about places we know and others we wish to visit, about technology and the speed with which we can traverse vast distances, and about the things we’ll see (or avoid) on our way from point A to point B. Whether you choose to write about an actual map, an imaginary one, or just about a particular route that means something special to you, make today’s poem about a space you inhabit (or wish to. Or would rather avoid).

Throw me violently from side to side, four soft dice in a box
on this ridiculous road that was planned by a goat
and tarmacced by laborers who cared not a mote
anything past lunch, clocking off and payment
this hill is a dramatic cliffside escarpement
down to the rough shingle beach on Atlantic water
road that bends and twists like no road ought’a
on the western thigh of Barbados
beauty spot on a beauty spot
every Thursday like pigeons shooed by Children
We flock to meet the boats as they return to their origin
hungrily waiting as their prize goes straight from
wooden hold to iron skillet to picnic blanket to hunger unravelled
The worse road on the island is the road more travelled

Writing 201: Not quite right

Day 4: Imperfect, Limerick, Enjambment

We find faults in ourselves, in others, and in the world around us all the time. We may accept these imperfections or complain about them, try to fix them or celebrate them — whatever our attitude may be, they add friction and texture to our lives.

I must admit I’m not quite
alright in the head in fact it might
be I’m discombobulated
and easily distracted i’m fated
to – hang on whats’s that – SQUIRREL

Writing 201: Comfortable in your skin

Poetry, Day 3: Skin, Prose Poetry, Internal Rhyme

Our skin often announces (correctly or not) our age and ethnicity, tells stories of injuries, operations, and accidents, and conveys to our brain everything from the pain of a slap to the warmth of a hug. Skins aren’t only a human thing: they protect animals, fruit, cheese, and more. For today’s poem, choose whatever meaning of “skin” speaks to you the most.

In your poem today, try creating some internal rhymes — a device that’s particularly well-suited for prose poetry. You could start with a pair of words that have an interesting connection, and sneak them into your lines. Or you could decide, first, what kind of pattern you’re going for — same-line rhymes? Rhymes that cross from one line of verse to the next? — and go from there.

If you’re ever short on internal rhyme inspiration, just listen to any old-school hip hop artist: virtuosic internal rhyming was a cornerstone of the genre.

My mask. Slips. Yours not mine. I’m – upright, you’re uptight . Hiding in plain sight as you silently bemoan imperfect warpaint via the app on your phone.  Glance up. Once then twice. Hold mutual gaze, mutually assured distraction – yeah that’s nice. We hold our reverie for a few. Sitting in a cafe admiring the view of the world passing by. But now its you. You’re my girl and I’m your man, you hold my world in the palm of your hands. Slide back and forth, your hand on mine, then mine on yours. The world fades away as we concentrate on our skin, skin on skin.

Before you lock my love away
Before you lock my love away
Before you lock my love away
before you lock my love away

Baby let me testify

Microcosm of lovemaking as our hands caress. You’re the best at me making me feel loved I must confess – and I wouldn’t be anywhere else but here. Our hands speak volumes but their is no sound, fury. Light – vibrations in the air but music is played on our fingers as we hands glide. Satisfied with each other and with our corner of creation, painted in sensations. Skin

Before you lock my love away
Before you lock my love away
Before you lock my love away
before you lock my love away

Baby let me testify

Reverie broken, not maliciously. Our coffees have arrived. Latte for me, mochachino for you. Cold coffee on a cold day. You are mercurial, always surprising. Don’t take away your skin from mine, I could not be happier. Comfortable in your skin.

Before you lock my love away
Before you lock my love away
Before you lock my love away
before you lock my love away

Baby let me testify

Writing 201: V

Day 2: Gift, Acrostic, Simile

Today, write something about a gift.

Today’s form: acrostic

Acrostics at a glance: An acrostic is any poem in which the first (or last) letters of each line combine to spell out a word or a phrase, or follow the order of the alphabet.

Today’s device: simile

A simile, like its name suggests, makes a connection or introduces the idea of similarity between two concepts that aren’t intrinsically connected, leaving an interesting mental image in its wake. It’s a fancy name for saying that cake is like poison, or that a baby’s wails are as loud as thunder. If you’re up for it, include a simile in your poem today.

Vocally you espouse:

Fortitude, Ambition
Or any means you appeal to are gone
Really you are in mortal error!

Verily like leaves you believe you are tossed by
Every vexatious breeze that blows
No power over your pace or path
Don’t you realise you are truly Platonic
Effect your escape from civil servitude
Take note! You are the breeze that blows
The leaves are your problems
And the power that moves you, the breeze, was never absent

Sexual Harassment and the Toxic Culture of Comics – Paging Dr. NerdLove

The toxic culture of silence in comics enables rampant abuse while the abusers are protected. What does it take to end sexual harassment in comics?

Source: Sexual Harassment and the Toxic Culture of Comics – Paging Dr. NerdLove

Writing 201: See Your Self in the Dark Screen


There’s a 100% chance that you’re currently looking at the comforting, addictive, inescapable glow of a screen. Screens are everywhere in our life, not in the least when we read and write (and blog).

Today, write a poem about/against/in homage to the screens in your life.


Turn Up, Turn it On.
No Network! No idea when?
Time for Tea!

Nothing but nonsense
See your Self in the dark screen
Me mirror’d

There are no words. None
No information. No sense.
Wasted life.

Save your self. Free, dumb!
Lost life, time lost is wasted
Play a game.